Bio-Therapeutic's new ampoules fight premature ageing

Skincare brand, Bio-Therapeutic, is introducing a new bt-cocktail® ampoule to fight against common signs of skin ageing and boosting skin's resilience against triggers including pollution, climate and lifestyle.

The new bt-cocktail® ampoule is formulated using the latest botanical technology and a powerful set of ingredients harvested from lab grown moss. In addition, Adenosine Triphosphate and ATP precursors rapidly recharge the skin, while Thiotaine provides wide spectrum antioxidant protection.  

The lightweight formulation is packaged in an individual glass ampoule to ensure maximum potency and sterility. 
In the salon, the product pairs with many of many of Bio-Therapeutic's signature technologies including microcurrent, ultrasonic, microdermabrasion and microexfoliation.  

At home, clients can apply the ampoules direct to skin themselves, or use in synergy with the new bt-micro fusion device.

Commenting on the launch of the bt-cocktail ampoule, David Suzuki, CEO of Bio-Therapeutic, says: 

“Every day, our skin is defending against a myriad of assaults from the outside world, as well as those endemic to our lifestyles. Each one of these battles reduces the skin's energetic reserves, which in turn accelerates the skin aging process. We wanted to address this problem in a unique way, one that's built on our energetic understanding of the skin by supporting resilience.

He adds: 

“We've been talking about premature aging as a problem of skin energy for years now. And while other regions of science are now catching up, with things like the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging, we're one of the first to bring this insight to topical skin care.”