Bio-Therapeutic introduce new handheld microcurrent device

bt-sculptMicrocurrent experts Bio-Therapeutic Inc. have launched a new handheld facial toning device, the bt-sculpt®.

The bt-sculpt® builds on the brand's tried and trusted microcurrent technology with the aim of delivering professional grade skin lifting and firming.

The rechargeable device features four self-tensioning probes with an optimized surface grip. Two pre-set facial programmes take the guesswork out of microcurrent application, and patented Suzuki Sequencing delivers true microcurrent across two channels and four energy pathways. Suzuki Sequencing optimises wave shapes through a unique onboard processor that ensures that the correct current levels are being delivered to the skin at all time.

Commenting on the launch of the bt-sculpt®, David Suzuki, CEO of Bio-Therapeutic Inc., says:

“The bt-sculpt is the most dramatic leap forward in microcurrent since my father brought it to the skin care industry nearly fifty years ago. This new handheld is extraordinarily simple to use, and highly portable, and will make the power of microcurrent much more accessible for clients seeking out technology accelerated skin fitness.”

Bio-Therapeutic Inc.