BBC highlight Lipofirm Pro buttock lift treatment

The Lipofirm Pro buttock lift treatment was highlighted on the BBC's programme, The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments, earlier this week.

Presented by Michael Mosley and Mehreen Baig, the two-part television series has been investigating non-invasive procedures for the face and body and their effectiveness. 

The second-part of the series showed client, Lowri Kemp, visiting Advanced Esthetics Solutions' flagship clinic, The ME Clinic, in Cardiff for an eight-week Lipofirm programme, as she had been unhappy with the shape of her ‘square' bum for some time. Despite attempts to improve this through exercise she had not previously been able to achieve her desired results.

Before trying the Lipofirm Pro treatment herself on her arm, presenter Mehreen Baig said: "I've heard so much about this." 

Explaining the treatment, clinician at The ME Clinic, Katie McTavish, said: "The more treatments you have, the denser the muscle gets and the more toned it's going to get. So you're going to get lifted, more rounded, tightened and smoother buttocks." 

After just 15 minutes on one side of Lowri's buttocks, Mehreen described "visibly different results". After just one treatment Lowri had gained half a centimetre on her buttock area, and by the end of the eight-week treatment programme, had gained 6cm in total and achieved rounder, more shapely buttocks. 

Lipofirm Pro's patented technology works on the principle of mixed modality delivering simultaneously both TriLipo Radio Frequency and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) in one hand piece. The system, available from Advanced Esthetics Solutions, is accompanied by an abundance of clinical studies and white papers proving its effectiveness.  

The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.