Alterna develops hair care range for waves, curls & coils

Professional haircare brand Alterna has revealed its new My Hair. My Canvas. Textures & Curls collection created especially for natural textures and curl types. 

The range has been designed to simplify the haircare routine for those with waves, curls and coils using vegan and ‘clean' formulations developed by the brand's curly-haired team members and Alterna stylists. 

Key to the products' effectiveness is My Hair. My Canvas's signature sustainably sourced Vegan Botanical Caviar known to hydrate, improve moisture retention and smooth the cuticle thanks to its blend of hydrating polysaccharides and free-radical neutralising antioxidants. 

Additional ingredients include Fairtrade Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter, Kakadu Plum Extract known to add hydration, Moringa Seed Oil to counteract free radical damage caused by pollution, moisturising Shea Butter, and ethically sourced Banana Flower for its hair regenerative properties.

There are five products in the My Hair. My Canvas. Textures & Curls collection including Begin Again Curl Conditioner, More Butter Masque, Loosen Up Curl Elongator, Begin Again Curl Cleanser and My Way Curl Defining Gel.

Commenting on the launch of the new curly hair range, Dorothee Dufour, Global Head of Marketing at Alterna Los Angeles, says:

“Our Textures & Curls collection was created for women who want to care for and embrace their curls as an expression of their unique beauty.

“This collection gives women the power to celebrate their curls by infusing their hair with mindful ingredients that deliver healthy moisture and help define and style. The indulgent, multi-benefit formulas create a sensorial experience and transform wash days into self-care rituals.”

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