Add specialist ingrown hair removal to your services

IngrownOutABT Accredited Sarah Louisa Training has received HABIA endorsement to train professionals as  IngrownOut®️ Specialists who the public can go to for advice and ingrown hair removal.

Courses are run online by hair removal specialist Sarah Louisa Carswell, who also developed the  IngrownOut® Tweezer, a unique instrument with a special hook end designed to fit precisely inside an open ingrown hair. This prevents any harm or damage to the surrounding skin while expertly flicking out the trapped hair.

“Hygiene standards are changing in the waxing industry and we need to spread more light on ingrown hairs [including] when to remove [and] when not to.

“This online course will certify the therapist to add this new role to their skill set, as a new treatment to their price list or offer as a service included with waxing. Business advice is included plus the IngrownOut tweezer. Students can gain insurance through ABT after the course.”

Sarah Louisa Training