ABT offers BIAE members Professional Insurance options

ABT Director David Horton has confirmed that members of the BIAE can gain their professional insurance and membership through ABT.

Electrolysis for hair removal (Galvanic, Thermolysis / Diathermy and Blend) is included within ABT's Full Membership Package, at a price of just £73.50. This includes insurance cover to work from a clinic, home or any other safe location in the UK or temporarily abroad (other than USA or Canada) with unlimited defence costs per claim and an unlimited number of claims per year.

Cover includes up to £6 million Professional Treatment Risks Insurance should anything happen while you are performing a treatment or acting otherwise in your professional capacity, £6 million Public Liability should any accidents occur, and £6 million Product Liability should there be any injury or loss arising from the products you supplied.

In addition, ABT's Advanced Electrolysis / Blemish Removal Extension will cover members for Level 4 and Level 5 treatment including Telangiectasia (thread veins, spider neavi, Campbell de Morgan spots), milia, skin tags, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Xanthelasma, Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, mole reduction*, warts and more. An accredited Advanced Electrolysis / Blemish Removal course must have been successfully completed to qualify for this extension i.e. BIAE and Sterex. Cover for Advanced Electrolysis / Blemish Removal can be added to ABT's Full Membership for just £66.45 per year; so for hair removal and blemish treatments, total cover per annum is £139.95.

Commenting on the importance of gaining insurance with a specialist provider such as ABT, Electrolysis expert and author on the subject, Gill Morris, says:

“I'm delighted that in ABT we have insurance cover available with a company which has such a knowledgeable team; particularly about blemish removal (as well as electrolysis for hair removal) as unfortunately that is often not the case.  I know a number of people insured with them, including my daughter, and all report ABT know what they are talking about and I see the peace of mind this gives to practitioners so am happy to recommend them.”

Penny Turvey, expert in Electrolysis for hair removal and blemish treatments, adds:

"ABT have been my insurance company for many years. They cover me for electrolysis hair removal and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures. They are also the accreditation company for my training courses. I have always been extremely happy with the service I receive. They are prompt at taking my calls, thorough in providing any information I require and understand the nature of both my businesses. This is reassuring and refreshing as it gives me confidence that I am dealing with a company which cares for me as their customer, takes the time to know what I need from them and are very competitively priced with their insurance packages.  Whenever I am asked about insurance companies I never have any hesitation in recommending ABT.”

ABT is the largest beauty and insurance membership provider in the UK, with over 18,000 active and insured business owners. With a specialist understanding of the sector, staff that have previously worked in the industry and a dedicated team of professionals with over 50 years of beauty market experience, ABT work tirelessly to protect your business. 
To join ABT, simply visit www.abtinsurance.co.uk or telephone 01789 773573.

For more information on the BIAE, visit www.electrolysis.co.uk.

Image courtesy of Sterex.

* Obtain medical referral before providing treatment for hair removal from moles or treating moles in any way.