ABT accredit MASCED skin cancer detection programme

The MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) Programme has now been accredited by ABT, enabling ABT members to gain accredited training in detecting early warning signs of skin cancer.

The programme was designed, developed and launched in January 2018 by national melanoma and skin cancer charity, Skcin, with the aim of harnessing the power of professionals across the hair, health and beauty industries who have regular, close observation of their clients skin. By training them how to identify the early signs of skin cancer, this can aid early diagnosis and treatment and improve prognosis and saving lives.

Dave Horton, MD of ABT, says:

“We are delighted to accredit the MASCED course to enable ABT members to gain accredited training in detecting early warning signs of skin cancer. We know that our members – beauty therapists and hair professionals – build a very personal and intimate relationship with their clients and are therefore ideally placed to spot suspicious lesions on the skin and feel confident to signpost their clients to seek a professional opinion from their GP. We therefore urge all ABT members to participate in the MASCED programme to add an extra level of client care to their services.”

Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common and fastest rising cancer in the UK with over 100,000 cases reported each year. Melanoma, the deadliest form of the disease is now one of the biggest killing cancers in 15 to 34-year olds, and 1 in 54 people in the UK will be diagnosed with melanoma during their lifetime. 

Early diagnosis and treatment, particularly when it comes to melanoma is vital for survival, yet ignorance regarding the early signs and symptoms remains widespread.  

The majority of non-melanoma skin cancers occur on sun-exposed areas such as the face, ears, neck and scalp, whilst melanoma, can appear anywhere on the body. Often lesions arise in areas, clients cannot see themselves and with the vast majority of people simply unaware of what to look out for, skin cancers are far too often going undetected, for far too long.

The MASCED accreditation has seen phenomenal success in its first nine months, with over 7,500 hair, health and beauty industry professionals already signed up to the training programme and 98% rating it 5 stars.

Claire Dale, Campaign Manager for MASCED comments: 

“We have been overwhelmed by the success of the MASCED programme and are absolutely delighted by the five-star feedback we receive every day. The level of interest and support we receive proves that Skcin are not only fulfilling our charitable objectives, but we are filling a mammoth void that exists in this arena, that will no doubt save lives.”

Marie Tudor of Skcin adds: 

“In addition to the early detection of skin cancer, the MASCED programme has also been developed to raise awareness of the importance of Sun Safety to aid the prevention of around 86% of melanoma and the majority of all skin cancer cases. This supports the call by public health figures for a wider perspective on who is most effective to help improve the nation's health and address concerns raised in the Government's 2020 Skin Cancer Vision. At Skcin we strongly believe that offering this valuable training to the estimated 250,000 people working across the hair, health and beauty industry, will can really take a stand against this deadly and devastating disease.”

The MASCED training is available to industry professionals for a nominal fee of just £20. For this, individuals receive their MASCED training guide and resources via post, as well as access to comprehensive, quality, online resources, the accreditation e-course and their personalised certificate of accreditation.

To join the thousands of UK industry professionals already accredited, you can register to take part or find out more at MASCED.UK