Light Elegance reveal new gel polish line

P+ Gel Polish is a new nail colour system from professional nail brand, Light Elegance.

Building upon the brand's successful JimmyGel Building Base, P+ Gel Polish offers the same longevity of wear and incorporates a blend of strength and flexibility.

Thirty-six coloured and glitter gels are included within the P+ Gel Polish launch collection, with a formulation free from HEMA monomer and common ingredients known to cause allergies. P+ is also 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free.

P+ Gel Polishes and Glitter Gel Polishes can be applied over Light Elegance's JimmyGel, Lexy Line hard gels, acrylic or the new P+ QDbase coat, designed to accelerate the removal of P+ Gel Polish, allowing the product to soak-off in just seven minutes. 

Commenting on the launch of P+ Gel Polish, Light Elegance founder, Lezlie McConnell, says:

“Our new P+ system is a truly spectacular achievement. The combination of 21+ day wear, silky-smooth application and all the magic of Light Elegance color makes P+ unlike anything else on the market and a joy to both wear and apply. 

“JimmyGel has been an overwhelming success, and now it has the perfect colour companion in P+ Gel Polish.
Together, they make a system that provides a fast, easy and - most importantly - fun-to-use way for nail professionals to deliver their clients the long wear and intoxicating colour they deserve.”

Light Elegance P+ Gel Polish is available in the UK and Ireland from Sweet Squared.